Sunday, 13 November 2016

Kindness starts at home

After a week like we have just had I couldn’t let it go without writing down some words.

I don’t scare easily, but this week I have had moments of genuine worry, not for myself, but for the future of my two amazing little boys. What world are we creating for them? They are laughing and playing happily in the background as I type this, oblivious to the worlds greater issues, which is exactly how it should be for a child and that for now, I am grateful for. However, they also currently have no choice in the world that we are creating for them and yet they are the ones that must live in it, which hardly seems fair at all.

I’ve heard lots of people this week say they feel powerless and ‘What can we actually do anyway that will make a difference?’
I must admit, these last few days I’ve also felt pretty small and insignificant as far as changing the world and its politics goes. I am not religious, but, I do wholeheartedly believe in positivity, love and kindness and that the energy you give out you get back in return. I believe that this without doubt starts at home, not just inside our four walls, but in our immediate community as well. Whether you are a role model for a child or not, if we can be kinder, more compassionate and give buckets of love to our closest people, our family, our friends, our acquaintances in good times and in bad this has to be a good start and where we can absolutely make a difference.

If we can stop for a minute, make the effort to have that chat with the lonely looking person in the Supermarket queue, forgive and forget that silly argument you had with your partner a little more quickly, be the one to wave the white flag even if you have to grit your teeth while doing it. The tiniest kindness can make such a difference. Love and positivity breeds love and positivity. This is something we can all do. This is the something that will make a difference and something I’m planning to get better at.

So, on the night of the most super of Super Moons, love each other a bit more than usual, start tomorrow with kindness as your intention. Make those small changes. Small adds up. If everyone did that I can’t help but think we’d be half way there in creating a much better world for all of us.


  1. So very true. Such a lovely post.

  2. I think all of the events over the last few months has left most people reevaluating the world we currently live in. I do worry about what the future is going to be like for my two but as you said it's important to remember the here and now too

    1. Yes agreed Gina and maybe re-evaluating isn't a bad thing if we can manage to put it to positive use in our own lives X


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