Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Women are Warriors and I love them.

We are all life Warriors, fighting our own battles, maybe big, maybe small, maybe joyous maybe painful, but all important to us as individuals and making an impact on our lives.
Today however, I am dedicating Warrior-hood to all the amazing women I know and the lessons I learn from them. I meet many different women, from different backgrounds, with different daily struggles large and small and I tell you what, women astound and surprise me every single day.  Women have an incredible inner strength, tenacity and resilience and the older I get the more I see this and am in awe of it.

I lost my mum when I was thirty years old, and since then I have looked at women, young and old for various life lessons. I have a new-found respect and appreciation for them, their relationships together and what they teach each other, something I don't think I would have in the same way had she still been alive.

Girlfriends, the really good friends, the ones that turn up on your doorstep with bags of food shopping and wine when the going gets tough, when the kids are sick, your other half is unavailable, you're exhausted and you've lost the will to live - these are the women that get you through life's dark days and out the other side. We are very good at recognising when another may need a chat, a coffee, or someone to offer a hand to make their day just that little bit easier. Women pick each other up, they support each other and give each other encouragement. That in itself, is priceless.

Mothers, you are Warriors at their finest. You battle daily for the good of the precious small people in your life, constantly sacrificing your own needs and wants to give them the best that you can give. Fighting to nourish, protect and educate the babies that have created in you the greatest love you’ve ever known. 

From the old lady that chatted to me in passing at the cafe the other day and told me about the grandson she was so proud of and was helping to fund his next college course, to the women I saw at the station the other evening putting her make-up on in her car whilst waiting to collect her teenage daughter. You all inspire me.
I guess I just wanted to put it down into words and say, alone and together we accomplish incredible things. Women of the world, I get you. You are the greatest life warriors and I am exceptionally proud and privileged to be on your team. Thanks for teaching and inspiring me. You are amazing and I salute you. 


  1. Lovely post Betty and so sorry to hear about your Mother :(
    I never really understood the girlfriend thing (I've always been a bit of a tomboy) until I moved to Devon. I've now got a great group of girlfriends and I don't think I'd get through life without them x

    1. Thanks Gina. Yes my girlfriends are very special to me. Life wouldn't be the same without them! X

  2. Beautiful words. I'm so sorry about your Mum. Sisterly friends mean everything to me too. What a powerful, uplifting post xx

    1. Thank you Honest Mum for kind words! Very glad you found it uplifting X


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